How Many Ways Can You Save Money With an Automated Time & Attendance System? (Part 3)

The Third Way: Supply Costs

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Tock says: Electronic records cut your cost of timekeeping supplies!

Previously, we’ve discussed how an automated timekeeping system will help you better control your overtime costs and save both time and money on payroll processing.

This time, let’s consider an area for savings that many businesses tend to overlook… but which can easily add up to big bucks: supplies.

Timecards Aren’t Free

If you have a typical punch clock system, you’ll have to regularly purchase time cards and ribbons or ink for the clocks.

If your employees fill out paper timesheets, it’s unlikely you’re just having them scribble their time on spare scraps of waste paper. (If you do, you’ve got a whole ‘nother set of problems.) Even if employees use an electronic spreadsheet template to record their time, I bet you or your supervisors are probably printing those timesheets for review and approval. Whether you purchase preprinted forms or have your employees photocopy a blank template each pay period or simply print out each employee’s completed electronic spreadsheet, those paper timesheets cost something.

Over time, the cost of timekeeping supplies can really add up.

Save Money With Electronic Timekeeping

With a software-based time and attendance system, there are no ribbons, no ink, no toner, no time cards and no timesheets to purchase or print.

With professional quality systems, supervisors can easily review and approve employee time on their computer. Records are stored electronically, hours are totaled by the system and exported directly to your payroll processor. Reports are available for review on your computer, and with some systems can even be emailed to your desktop inbox or your smartphone. No more need for printed reports to use for supervisor review or data entry. You’ll save money on printer ink and copier toner as well as on the time cards or timesheets themselves.

Most computer-based time and attendance systems offer several alternatives for collecting employee punches. For instance, a system can employ “PC-punch” where employees clock in and out using a computer. Other alternatives include badge terminals, biometric terminals and telephony.

Badge terminals: It’s true, a single badge costs more than a single timecard or printed time sheet. On the other hand, each badge can be used over and over, potentially lasting years and replacing hundreds of weekly time cards or timesheets. Proximity badges in particular are generally quite durable and sturdy. (I’ve been using mine here at Acroprint for nearly seven years and it’s still going strong!)

Biometric terminals: With a biometric terminal, there’s no need for badges or time cards/timesheets. Whether hand geometry, fingerprint or some other biometric technology, employees clock in and out using some physical characteristic to identify themselves. There’s nothing additional to purchase and nothing to break or get lost.

Telephony: This is similar to PC-punch, except instead of using a computer employees can clock in and out using any standard telephone, including cell phones. It offers a convenient alternative for organizatons with a mobile workforce. As with biometric terminals, there’s no need for any additional supplies. Our web-based time and attendance service, AcroTime, offers this option.

Take Action

If you’re tired of purchasing over and over the consumable supplies for your timekeeping system, check out Acroprint’s automated employee time tracking solutions. Whether you’re interested in installed software or the security and convenience of a pay-as-you-go web service, all our solutions will help you control and reduce your expenses for time tracking supplies.

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