Eye of the beholder…

monkey looking through a spyglass

I’m a glass half full kind of guy. Always have been, hopefully always will be. So it bothers me that so many people look at time & attendance systems as a way for “the man” to control his/her subordinates.

Obviously to some extent that can be true, but I think management should try to view it from a different perspective.

If I’m management and I’m pouring over my employee’s time sheets on a weekly basis, I’m admittedly looking for the discrepancies. Who came in late, who left early, who took a ridiculously long lunch? (And if it was a group outing… where was my invite?)

But over the long run I’m paying more attention to the trends. Who are my true workhorses? Who is consistently here on time, all day, every day, ready to rock? I’m scouting out Mr. & Ms. Dependable. Quite simply my time & attendance system not only lets me know who might be in line for some disciplinary action, but even more importantly it helps me decide who deserves to be rewarded.

My best workers are the backbone of my company. And if I don’t take care of them, and acknowledge their efforts, soon enough they’ll find a new job where somebody will. Or even worse they’ll become disillusioned and stay on my payroll, stop putting in the extra effort and start riding the clock.

Employees need to perceive there’s a reward for their hard work, just as much as they believe there’s a consequence for the lack of it. If not the work culture and therefore the company will suffer.

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