Another Green Sighting

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, our iconic green clocks (the Model 125 and Model 150 punch clocks) show up in the darndest places. We’ve found our clocks in movies, on TV, in print and online. It’s even become something of a competition around here to see who can report the most “sightings.”

Today’s honors go to company president Glenn Robbins, who spotted the following TED Talk from artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo:

The whole thing is less than five minutes long. Our clock puts in its first appearance at about the 3:40 mark, and it’s pretty much the star of the show from then on!

Visit our website to marvel at our other “Seen The Green” sightings, and submit one of your own for a shot at fame, fortune and everlasting glory. Well, perhaps I’m overstating the benefits slightly… but I can promise a hearty “thank you” email from me, and potentially a link back to your website. So keep your eyes peeled, and let me know when you’ve Seen The Green yourself!

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