Another Good Reason for Time Tracking

A recent study has highlighted another good reason to install a good time tracking system at your office — for their health!

The survey, undertaken in the UK by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, looked at reasons why employees miss work, and how that relates to their behavior patterns both in and out of the office. One of the interesting findings was that only about 30% of the respondents take a lunch hour.

That’s not necessarily a good thing. While it might appear the people who work through lunch are hard-charging go-getters, they may not be any more productive than their break-taking peers. In fact, it may be the opposite.

The Dreaded Mid-Afternoon Slump

Businessman napping in a park

The survey also found that about half of workers responding reported they feel their productivity plummet in the midafternoon, around 3:00pm.

But we know regular breaks during the day can help workers remain alert and focused. Periodic breaks are nature’s way of recharging our batteries, keeping our brains alert and refreshed. Workers who skip lunch or breaks are actually setting themselves up for that mid-afternoon slump.

And more and more research is coming out to show that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our health in many ways.

In other words, if you encourage your employees to take regular breaks, they may well turn out to be healthier and more productive!

How Can Time & Attendance Help?

Let’s say you’ve instituted a policy encouraging your workers to take regular breaks. How can you be sure they’re complying and not simply falling back into their old habits? Time and attendance tracking to the rescue!

When you require employees to clock in and out for lunch or breaks, an automated time tracking system such as Acroprint’s timeQplus or AcroTime can provide on-the-fly reports to managers, allowing them to verify employees are taking breaks. (As an added bonus, they will also allow managers to ensure nobody is taking unfair advantage of the process with extra-long breaks.)

As a result, workers may be more motivated because they feel management is looking out for their well-being. And with regular breaks, they may be able to remain more productive throughout the day, with no more mid afternoon slump.

It’s a win-win! For more information about the full line of accurate, affordable Acroprint time recording products (including automated time tracking systems) and to learn more about the benefits they can offer, visit our online store.

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