6 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty and Morale Through the New Year

I’m pleased to offer another great post from guest author Persis Swift, Marketing Communications Specialist at CAI. If you’re interested in holding on to your top-performing employees, you’ll want to read this…

A high retention rate is a good indication that employees are satisfied with their jobs and that they have a good relationship with their employer. Top performing employees and job candidates aren’t willing to take just any job. They want to work for an employer that values the contributions they make for the business. Keeping your star performers for the long term and recruiting the best requires you to listen to their needs and goals, and appreciate who they are and what they offer your organization.

There are a number of ways you can strengthen your relationship with your employees. Helpful perks, good benefits, and open communication are ways to boost job satisfaction and employee morale. The six strategies below will help you hold on to your best talent throughout the New Year.

Flexible Schedules

More access to technology has made working from home or remotely an option for some employees. Allow them to work from home if their child is sick or leave early on Fridays if they put in extra hours at the beginning of the week. Finding ways to make sure business gets done while your employees are content is now easier than ever before. Offering workplace flexibility is a good way to attract and retain new employees.

Specific Job Descriptions

People often leave a company after a short period of time because they were unaware of all the responsibilities that their new position held. To prevent short stints with new hires, spell out all of the duties-bad or good-required for your open positions.

Competitive Salaries

The economy is recovering slowing and many companies are in a position to hire more employees. This means top talent will have several employment options to choose from. A competitive salary doesn’t always guarantee loyalty, but it shows your potential employees that you will value their work and want to compensate them appropriately.

Clear Expectations

Be specific when assigning your team members projects. Give them clear expectations the first time so you both are satisfied with the end product. Taking this step well reduce confusion, frustration and unsatisfactory results.

Poor Performers

Poor performers with bad attitudes are not good company for hard working employees to keep. Poor performers can drain energy, happiness and productivity from your top talent. Make sure you address issues caused by poor performers immediately to maintain a positive workplace for each of your employees.

Frequent Feedback

In order to improve their work performance, an employee must receive feedback, both positive and critical. Employees find it frustrating when their work has been changed or a project isn’t approved but receive no feedback as to why these actions have happened. Help your employees grow by offering them frequent feedback on their work. Set up monthly or weekly meetings to check in with them about their progress and what goals they want to accomplish.

For more ways to increase retention and employee morale at your company, please call a member of CAI’s Advice and Resolution Team at 919-878-9222 or 336-668-7746.

About the Author

Persis Swift is the director and main author of Workplace Insights, a blog by CAI that posts HR-related articles every Tuesday and Thursday morning. CAI is a trusted resource for HR, compliance and people development with offices in Raleigh and Greensboro.

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