A Really Fresh Idea

A recent press release from the Department of Labor reveals the DOL will be working closely with the SUBWAY franchisor to promote wage and hour compliance among the company’s franchisees.


Among other actions, the franchisor has:

  • Placed a link to the Wage and Hour Division website on its franchisee website.
  • Provided resources to help franchisees comply with labor laws.
  • Invited Wage and Hour Division staff to present at several of its annual meetings.
  • Included in its weekly email newsletter to franchisees a series of articles explaining federal minimum wage and overtime requirements.
  • Obtained educational materials from the Wage and Hour Division, which are now used during corporate training of franchisees.

You know, I really like this initiative. As Mary Beth Maxwell (acting Deputy Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division) says, “It just makes good business sense.” You betcha! And speaking personally, I find it inspiring to see a company working proactively to prevent problems, rather than simply scrambling around trying to limit the damage after the fact.

Of course, one thing their franchisees will need to comply with the law is accurate time and attendance tracking. So if you’re a SUBWAY franchisee (or anybody else looking for a good time tracking solution), check out our online store for a complete line of time recording products to work with almost any environment and meet almost any need.

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