Another Reason Those Green Time Clocks Are So Cool

Acroprint Model 125 and Model 150 time recorders

So, I was going through some old files when I came across this news story from back in 2006, which I thought y’all might find interesting (in a slightly macabre sort of way, to be sure).

According to the Providence Journal, it seems in South Providence, Rhode Island, sometime during the night of April 27 or the early morning hours of April 28, 2006, there was a robbery at a local funeral home. Someone came in through the front door, which apparently had been accidentally left unlocked overnight, and stole jewelry from the body of a woman lying in a casket in one of the visitation rooms. (Which is pretty darned awful, if you ask me.) They got away with a couple of pieces of costume jewelry and the woman’s 14-carat white gold wedding ring.

Hang in there with me… we’re getting to the good part now.

See, what brought the case to my attention was the other thing the thief took: an employee punch clock hanging on the wall in a back room of the funeral home. A green Acroprint employee punch clock. I know, right? I’m not sure what possessed the perpetrator to take the clock, but as it turned out it was a fortuitous choice. Well, fortuitous for the funeral home and the family of the deceased, at least… for the bad guy, not so much.

The case was cracked wide open when a funeral home employee, entering the business the next morning, happened to notice a man across the street pushing a shopping cart which appeared to contain (among other things) that distinctive green time recorder! (No word, unfortunately, on whether it was a Model 125 or a Model 150.)

The police were called, the man was detained… and they also discovered in his possession a wedding band matching the description of the ring stolen from the woman’s body. According to the news article, the man was charged with burglary.

And now you know — in addition to accurately recording time, our green time clocks are also crime fighters!

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