Practice These Onboarding Tips for New Hire Success

Welcome back to guest author Persis Swift, Marketing Communications Specialist at CAI. This time around, she’s got some excellent tips for helping new hires get acclimated. So, now I’ll turn things over to Persis…

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Beginning a new position is overwhelming. Learning a lot of new information while trying to perform well can cause a new hire to be anxious or stressed. Get your new employees off to a great start by preparing them with a solid onboarding method.

Your team’s onboarding process will likely go smoothly if you also add several personalized actions to show your new employees that you’re glad they joined your staff.

Try some of the practices below to help make your company’s onboarding process enjoyable:

Where’s the Welcome Wagon?

New employees should feel welcomed when they become part of the work team. Help them settle into their new position. Stock their workspace with pens, notepads, a handbook and other materials that will ensure a successful start with the company. Encourage them to ask questions and let them know it’s okay to be confused. When a week goes by, check in with them to see how their first week went. Additionally, make sure they know where to go for help.

Introductions Are Important

Trying to get things done without knowing who people are or where an office is can be frustrating for a new employee trying to give a good impression. Help her out by introducing her to members of your organization that she’ll be in direct contact with. Make sure she knows where different departments are and who she needs to reach out to for various tasks around the workplace.

Offer Lunch

A great way to show your newest staffers that you’re happy they joined your team is to take them out to lunch. Ask other members of your organization to join. This is a great time to for new employees to learn more about their coworkers. Encourage them to share information about themselves, like what they like to do in their free time or what sports they enjoy playing.

Why Monday?

Why do companies start their new employees on the busiest day of the week? When your team is busy all day, no one has adequate time to get to know the new team member. If your busiest day is Monday, start your employee on Tuesday or another day with a lighter work load. You’ll have enough time to answer his questions, show him where supplies are and give him a proper welcome to your organization.

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