More Than Just Time and Attendance

Woman looking at facial recognition device

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about time and attendance tracking?

It might be a group of employees, waiting to clock out at the end of their shift using a traditional punch clock. It might be an employee swiping a badge to track their arrival at work. Maybe it’s even someone glancing into a facial recognition terminal to record the time as they leave for the day.

Whatever the scenario, for most of us, when we think of “time and attendance,” we likely think of recording and tracking employee work time.

But Wait! There’s More…

Making sure employee work time is accurately recorded so employees can be paid correctly is incredibly important, of course. But time clocks and time and attendance systems can be used for much more than simply recording employee hours.

In talking with our customers, we’ve been amazed time and again at the inventive ways they’ve put time and attendance technology to use.

For instance, there’s the day care that uses a badge system to record the children’s attendance for the purpose of grant reimbursements. They used to keep attendance by hand, but the time and attendance system is faster and more accurate. It makes it possible for them to print reports in a matter of minutes (as opposed to the hours it used to take to summarize roll books by hand). As a result, they get their reimbursements sooner and with much less hassle.

And of course we know of several day care facilities that use time and attendance software to keep track of the children’s attendance, making it faster, easier and more accurate to prepare invoices for parents / guardians.

On a related note, we know of several schools and colleges that use our time and attendance systems to track student utilization of facilities such as the library, to enable the school to better set hours and schedule staff.

Then there are the thousands of corporate mail rooms, law offices and government facilities that use time recorders to stamp their time of receipt on documents. Contracts, wills, court filings and such — when (and whether) they’re effective can sometimes hinge on exactly when the document was received or filed. A reliable and accurate method of recording the time on the document can be a must in these situations.

These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Time Clocks

If you haven’t looked at time tracking technology lately, you might be surprised by both the wide variety of solutions and the sophisticated technology available. Visit our online store to see the industry’s most complete line of time recorders and time tracking software. You just might be inspired to come up with your own out-of-the-box use for time tracking!

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