The Green Scene: Our Heritage

I mentioned before that Acroprint was founded back in 1969, making us almost 44 years old now. But I’m pretty sure these clocks are even older than we are…

vintage time clocks

This is a line up of some vintage clocks in one of our conference rooms. We’ve actually got antique clocks scattered around the building (you may remember one of them showed up as a backdrop for some of our Christmas decorations).

I especially like the two employee time clocks on the right. You know, in their day these were cutting edge technology, the same way our new FaceVerify facial recognition terminals are today. Sometimes I ponder about the people who clocked in and out on those back when the clocks were new. I wonder what they did for a living and how their lives turned out.

I also wonder the same sorts of things about the people who use our products now. I mean, we ship to countries all around the globe, and to many different types of organizations. It’s fun to think about the different ways our products might be used, who might be using them, and what their lives might be like.

Do you use time clocks where you work?

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