The Green Scene: Signs of Spring

Perhaps it’s because we’re so fond of our trademark green time recorders, but green is definitely one of our favorite colors around here at Acroprint. Which is yet another reason for us to love spring, as it seems all the world turns green. (With apologies to our friends in Denver and other areas that are still dealing with piles of snow this April!)

Dogwood blooming in front of the Acroprint offices

All over this part of North Carolina, the eastern redbuds, dogwoods and wisteria are in bloom. In fact, we’ve got a couple of dogwoods in bloom right now out in front of our building.

Tree showing bright green new leavesBranches of a pine tree

Above, left: I’m surprised every year by the intensity of color in the new leaves as they sprout. This photo doesn’t really do justice to the brightness of those baby leaves.
Above, right: Pine pollen is the bane of everyone here with allergies, coating everything in heavy yellow powder. But it will only last a little while, and those pine trees are what gave us our nickname as the Tar Heel State.

Yep, it’s definitely spring in Raleigh, and we’re happy about that.

What is your favorite season of the year?

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