The Green Scene: Made in the USA (part 2)

partially assembled time stamps on the production line

Last week, we saw the tough outer shells of our Model 125 and Model 150 clocks, ready to be assembled into those iconic green time clocks right here in our plant in Raleigh, NC. Now this week, how about if we peek in on the production of another very recognizable Acroprint product: our E-series Time Stamps!

Only slightly less well-known than their time clock cousins (and equally green) there they are — well, pieces of them, at least — traveling down the assembly line. Like the Model 125 and Model 150, we assemble the ET and ETC time stamps at our headquarters in Raleigh.

From here these stamps get shipped all over the world! It’s pretty cool — because we make them here, we can customize them for you with special print wheels and engraved stamping plates.

Check out the stamps and all the available options!

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