Six Good Reasons to Move Your Workforce Management to the Cloud

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about “cloud computing.” It’s an interesting concept — applications running on a third-party server, which you access over a secure Internet connection. Have you considered cloud-based time and attendance? Maybe you should!

There are many advantages to using an online time clock:

  1. It extends your IT budget (or maybe even allows you to go without an IT budget at all). You don’t have to configure hardware, install software, or maintain much of anything. Support is just a phone call or email away.
  2. It provides a more accurate accounting of costs. Often, when we consider the cost of purchased software or a traditional time clock, we only look at the cost of the product itself. We might even fool ourselves into thinking that handwritten paper timesheets are “free.” It’s much harder to keep track of the cost of people’s time spent upgrading and maintaining the software, adding up paper timesheets, entering data, etc. Since cloud-based software is automated, the time spent on manual/clerical tasks is greatly reduced, and the cost of training, support and maintenance is included in your monthly subscription.
  3. It allows you to accommodate your organization’s growth more effectively. When you purchase software or a time clock, you need to purchase enough capacity to handle peak demand. When you use handwritten time sheets, the clerical workload can quickly spiral out of control if your workforce grows larger. With online time tracking, you pay only for the capacity you use in that month. You can instantly scale up or down as needed. This is especially helpful for organizations that have a seasonal or fluctuating workforce.
  4. You enjoy greater vendor accountability. Once your purchased software or timeclock is out of warranty, your vendor is essentially off the hook. Of course, a good vendor will continue to provide good service long after the warranty period, but your leverage with a bad vendor is limited. Vendors of online workforce management solutions, on the other hand, have to earn your business with superior service each and every month.
  5. You get instant access to upgrades. When you purchase software, you get the version that’s current at that time. When the vendor issues an update, you might even have to pay extra to get the upgraded software, and you’ll have to spend time installing and testing it. If you miss the update announcement, it could potentially be a long time before you even find out an upgrade is available. Even if you know about the update, there may be a gap between when it’s released and when you actually have the available time to set it up. In the meantime, you’re operating with outdated software, and you may be missing out on useful time- and cost-saving features. With cloud-based solutions, upgrades are automatically installed for you, with no effort on your part and at no extra cost above your monthly subscription.
  6. It’s available anytime, anywhere. At the most basic level, your employees can clock in and out, supervisors can review and approve timesheets, and your payroll staff can total hours and export data to your payroll processing system anywhere they have Internet access and a browser. Seriously, that’s all they need! Some solutions also offer other choices for recording employee time, such as badge or biometric terminals, smartphone apps, and telephony options. This makes cloud-based workforce management ideal for organizations with mobile or remote workers, or those with multiple locations or “virtual offices.”

There are a whole lot of other reasons to consider workforce management in the cloud. To learn more about additional benefits and see an affordable, full-featured, user-friendly solution in action, sign up for a free 30-day trial to try out AcroTime from Acroprint. Experience for yourself how much easier it makes your time tracking and payroll processing!

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