Taking Time to the Cloud

We’re hearing a lot today about “the Cloud” (and I’m not referring to the weather forecast). We’re supposed to store our files in the Cloud. We can share documents in the Cloud. Soon, to hear some pundits talk, we’ll be doing all our computing in the Cloud.

clock floating in the clouds

Did you know you can already track employee time and attendance in the Cloud? It’s true! Acroprint’s AcroTime product is a cloud-based workforce management solution. Not only does it track employee time and attendance, but it can also be configured with a whole slew of Human Resources tools to automatically track vacation accruals, keep track of employee disciplinary actions and help better onboard/offboard new and departing workers. It’s pretty cool, actually.

But if you’ve never used an online time clock, you may have some questions. For instance, you might be wondering if using the Cloud is really any better than software you install on your own computer in your own workplace.

Turns out, an online workforce management solution such as AcroTime offers several distict advantages. Here are just three of the many reasons you might want to consider moving your time and attendance to the Cloud:

Your data is more secure than in a local computer.
Your computer hard drive may fail, taking all its data with it. Unless you maintain some sort of backup mirror drive, you’ll probably lose some of your employee time data when it goes. Your local computer could become the victim of hackers or even be physically stolen, exposing your employees’ personal information to identity theives and other no-goodniks. By contrast, AcroTime’s data centers each meet or exceed Department of Defense security standards. Servers are continuously backed up, and they maintain redundant power supply and Internet access connnections.
You don’t need expensive consultants or IT support.
To get started with AcroTime, all you need is Internet access and a browser. And that’s all your workers will need to clock in and out, as well. If you prefer, you can also add a wide variety of terminals (various types of badge and/or biometric), or enable an optional telephony module that allows workers to clock in and out over the phone. The thing is, setting up the system is relatively simple, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. AcroTime is perfect for organizations that don’t have a dedicated on-site IT department, or who don’t want to spend piles of money on a platoon of “consultants.”
The system is available anytime, anywhere.
AcroTime is terrific if you have mobile or remote employees, or if you operate in multiple locations. Employees can clock in and out over the web using a PC or smartphone. If you’ve set up terminals in your offices, they can use those. If you’ve enabled the optional telephony module, they can even use any phone — even a traditional landline phone — to clock in or out. Likewise, you and your supervisors can review management reports, review and approve timesheets and time off requests, and process payroll from virtually anywhere that has Web access.

This can be a great advantage in the event of inclement weather, a disaster or any other situation that prevents people from coming in to the office. No matter where you and your employees are working, you can still accurately track time and process payroll with little to now downtime.

Check it out. You just may find that workforce management in the Cloud puts you and your organization on Cloud Nine!

Does your organization use any cloud-based applications? Use the comment area below to tell me about your experiences!

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