The Green Scene: 40 Years!

Recently we celebrated something of a milestone here at Acroprint. You may be aware that next year (2013) we’ll be celebrating our corporate 45th anniversary. Well, this year we celebrated another big anniversary — our president Glenn Robbins’ 40th anniversary as an Acroprint employee!

Glenn Robbins receiving his 40th anniversary plaque

Here’s our General Sales Manager (and Glenn’s daughter) Amanda, presenting him with his 40th anniversary certificate at a recent company meeting.

Thing is, this wasn’t all that out of the ordinary. We commemorate these sorts of milestone anniversaries for all our employees in much the same way. Five years, ten years, 15, and so forth. Thing is, you might be surprised how many such anniversaries we celebrate around here. Once people start working at Acroprint, many of them tend to stay working for Acroprint.

For instance, I just celebrated my ninth year working here, as did the gal who works in the office next to me. There are four other anniversaries during the month of February — one has been here six years, another 12 years, the third has been here 29 years, and the forth has worked here for 34 years! (Especially impressive considering the company’s been in business for just under 44 years.)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about our company’s four principles. I think it’s because — while we work hard — we really do operate according to those principles (taking care of our customers, each other, ourselves and Acroprint) that so many of us choose to keep working here for so long.

Happy anniversary to Glenn, and thanks for everything you do to make Acroprint such a great place to work!

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