The Green Scene: Tickled Pink

OK, so by now y’all have probably gotten the idea that we’re a bit of a fun-loving bunch here at Acroprint. Sure, we work hard, but we believe in having a good time while we’re doing it.

If there is still any doubt, though, it should be dispelled by this scene from the office of Glenn Robbins, company president:

pink flamingos

The backstory: several years ago, the employees decided to celebrate Glenn’s birthday with a “beach” theme. For instance, they turned his parking place into a miniature seashore, complete with sand, beach umbrella, lawn chair and all. And a bunch of employees sneaked over to his house to plant a whole flock of pink flamingos all over his front yard. This pair commemorates that event… a reminder of fun times for us every time we walk past his office.

What sort of fun memories do you have where you work? Do you ever do anything wild and crazy to celebrate somebody’s birthday or other significant dates?

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