timeQplus Now Supports ACA Reporting

Great news! The government shutdown is over… and timeQplus software now helps small and mid-sized businesses meet the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements. (You know, the ACA… also know as “Obamacare.”)

timeQplus product suite

Yep, we recently released a shiny new update to our popular timeQplus software with a whole bunch of spiffy new features. And one of the big ones is the new Average Hours Worked report, which we specifically designed to help our customers with their ACA reporting. Whew! At least that’s one worry off your plate now.

We also included a whole slew of other improvements you’re sure to like. For instance, the software now supports three levels of user permissions:

    • Employees: You can now issue login IDs to employees so they can view and print their own timesheets, without having to track down a supervisor or payroll administrator. (This should save some time and hassles!) They cannot edit the timesheet, access any other employee’s information or change the system configuration.

  • Supervisors: Once logged in, supervisors can review and approve timesheets and run reports, but only for those employees assigned to them. They cannot access non-assigned employees or system configuration settings. This should provide greater accountability over timesheet edits.
  • Administrators: Administrators have access to all employee data, reports and system functions and configuration settings.

Plus, we improved the reporting feature, made shift rules even more flexible, added the ability to set a default work code at the terminal, and a whole lot more. For instance, the Punch Edit report now prints out any comments that were added when the punch was edited, and you can set custom work rules by shift (not just at a global company-wide level).

If you already have any timeQplus bundle running an older version of the software, contact us for more information on how you can upgrade to the newest version, so you can start taking advantage of these great new features.

If you aren’t yet using timeQplus to track your employee time and attendance, what are you waiting for?

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