Which Laws Apply?

Gavel and Papers

You are probably aware that not all federal employment laws apply to all businesses. For instance, you might know the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986 only applies to companies with at least four employees.

But it’s very confusing, and if you’re a small business, you may be left scratching your head wondering which laws you need to follow and which are only intended for larger businesses. You could end up spending a lot of time and money trying to comply with a rule that doesn’t apply to you.

I recently came across this informative list from the law firm of Fox Rothschild LLP in New Jersey. It shows the major federal employment statutes and what size your business needs to be before you have to worry about each.

For smaller businesses, this list could be very useful in helping you focus your attention on issues that are more likely to affect you. Of course, as the author notes, each state has its own set of laws, so you would still do well to consult with an employment law attorney to make sure you’re complying with all the state rules.

Be sure to read the comments, as well. The very first commenter has a very useful tip related to the FMLA for businesses under 50 employees.

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