We’ve Arrived!

On our Seen the Green page, we’ve documented some of the movies, TV shows and print publications where we’ve found our green clocks. It’s become something of a hobby for us, trying to identify all the places our Model 125 and Model 150 show up in broadcast, online and in print. We’ve found our clocks used as set dressing and props in various major motion pictures and TV series, in commercials for the New York Lottery and Volkswagen, on posters advertising beer, in a TED talk and in Newsweek magazine, among (many) other places.

Still, we worried we hadn’t yet reached the pinnacle of fame. As a friend of Acroprint recently commented, “They say you’ve arrived when you make it into the funny pages.” And (at least as far as we knew) we hadn’t yet appeared in the comics.

But now at last we can rest easy — we have truly made it to the top of the mountain!

Yep, Acroprint’s iconic Model 150 has made it into the “funnies!” Here’s a frame from the July 6 edition of the Baldo comic strip:


(You can tell it’s a Model 150 because he’s able to clock in using only one hand, thanks to the automatic print mechanism…)

You can see the whole comic at https://www.gocomics.com/baldo/2014/07/06.

And if you’ve “Seen the Green” anywhere, be sure to let me know! We all love to hear about your sightings.

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