Four Reasons to Take Your Payroll to the Cloud

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Have you seen the TV commercial where the couple decides to store all their “things” in the cloud? They load up all their stuff in boxes connected to balloons and release them into the sky. As you can probably imagine, it doesn’t end well.

A lot of businesses are also taking to the cloud, not only for document storage and sharing, but also for running mission critical applications such as time and attendance tracking and payroll processing.

Unlike the experience of the TV commercial couple, though, it turns out this use of “the cloud” actually can be a pretty good idea!

Here are four reasons you should consider taking your payroll processing to the cloud with AcroTime:

  • Less burden on IT resources. Everything runs on our secure servers, so there’s no software to install, no complicated setup and no maintenance headaches. Updates are installed automatically with no intervention required on your part. You can rest easy that your important personnel data is secure, because our data center security meets or exceeds Department of Defense standards.
  • Affordable access to advanced features. Because we can spread the cost of adding a new feature over many subscribers, we can afford to offer enterprise-quality systems at a rate affordable for almost every business. Instead of spending six or seven figures to get all the bells and whistles you need to run your business like one of the “big boys,” you can have access to all the goodies for a reasonable monthly subscription.
  • Easily accommodate organizational changes. Cloud based workforce management easily expands and contracts to handle a seasonal or fluctuating workforce. You pay only for the capacity you use. Services such as AcroTime can accmmodate unlimited employees, so we can grow with you no matter how big your organization gets.
  • Anytime, anywhere access. Many businesses today have remote or mobile employees. Using traditional installed software, tracking time and processing payroll for these workers can be a pain. With AcroTime, employees can clock in and out, supervisors can review and approve timesheets, and administrators can run payroll — from anywhere they have access to the Internet and a web browser. Some functions are even available via a convenient mobile app. (Of course, you can place limits on when and where employees can clock in and out, if need be.)

Now our AcroTime service is even better, with the addition of AcroTime Payroll. We offer complete, seamless end-to-end workforce management via AcroTime HR Management, AcroTime Time & Labor Management and AcroTime Payroll.

You can choose one, any or all of these modules as your needs dictate. They use a single database and a single log in, so you can start small and upgrade as your business grows. It’s easy!

If you’re still slogging through manual tax calculations, piles of spreadsheets and tedious check and paystub preparation every pay period, check out AcroTime Payroll. It’s a perfect accompaniment to AcroTime time tracking — but it can save you time, money and headaches on payroll preparation no matter what time tracking solution you use.

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