Easiest. Time tracking. Ever.

Could BioTouch be the easiest biometric time clock ever? Quite possibly, yes!

We just announced this clock last week, and already there’s a lot of excitement buzzing around. The thing is, if you know how to use Microsoft Excel®, you know almost everything you need to manage time with this clock.

Consider: configuring is as easy as filling in a simple spreadsheet using Excel. Save to the included USB memory stick, then plug the memory stick in to the clock.

BioTouch is self-contained. It doesn’t need a network connection or cables connecting it to a PC. All you need is an available electrical outlet to plug it in and you’re good to go. It can hang on the wall or sit on a tabletop or desk, so you can place it pretty much anywhere it’s convenient. (Indoors, of course — like most electronic devices, BioTouch isn’t happy when exposed to the elements.)

You choose how employees clock in and out:

  • PIN: Easy. Employees can’t lose a PIN or forget to bring it in.
  • Proximity badge (RFID): Fast. Employees simply hold their badge briefly in front of the clock to register a punch.
  • Finger scan biometric: Secure. Employee’s can’t “buddy punch” for one another. Good to know: each finger scan is encrypted and can’t be used for any other purpose.

No matter how your people clock in and out, BioTouch records their arrival and departure times quickly and simply, with no fuss and no hassle.

When it comes time to run payroll, simply plug the USB memory stick back in to the clock and download the data. Plug in to your PC, and you can once again use familiar Excel to review punches and print reports. Or if you’re in a remote location, you can email those Excel reports to your home office.

Sure, it’s not fancy — and that’s the way some folks like it. Could you be one of them? To see more or to place an order, check out the BioTouch info page on our website.

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