How to Get Help With Your Acroprint Product

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Here at Acroprint we take a lot of pride in producing reliable time tracking equipment. But sometimes bad things happen to good time clocks. Or maybe everything seems to be working OK, but you just have a question about a particular feature of your Acroprint software or clock. What can you do to get answers or help?

Know What’s Available


We offer several options for getting help. Which one you choose depends on what you need, and which product you have.

  • For general assistance, a good starting point is the Support section of our website. If you’re not sure which product you have, we display images of each product to help you identify what you’ve got, and quick links to various support resources for each product.
  • Often, your question or issue might be addressed in the User Manual. But if your desk is anything like mine, it’s cluttered with User Manuals only as long as you don’t need any of those User Manuals. The minute you go looking for a specific manual, it disappears into a black hole, never to be seen in this universe again. Fortunately, we offer free downloadable PDF versions of almost all of our User Manuals (and a lot of other useful documentation) at our User Documentation Download Center. (Yes, even for older and discontinued models!)
  • If you still need additional assistance, you can contact us directly.

Speed the Process

If you’ve determined you need to contact us by phone or email, here are a few tips to ensure you get the fastest and most accurate response:

  • Identify your product. You might be surprised by the number of support requests we get from people who seem to be confused over which product they have. It’s to your benefit to take the extra few seconds to verify what you’ve got. Otherwise, your request may be accidentally routed to the wrong department and it may take longer for you to get the help you need.

    Just to clear up a point of confusion for some customers: “Acroprint” is not a product — that’s the name of the company. Your product name will be something like a model number (Model 125, ES700, ATR360, and so forth) or the name of your software or software bundle (Attendance Rx, timeQplus Proximity, Pendulum, etc.).

    Also, “AcroTime” is the name of our cloud-based workforce management product, which requires a monthly subscription. AcroTime has it’s own dedicated website. Support requests sent through the AcroTime website are routed to a special AcroTime team. If you have a different software product (such as Attendance Rx or timeQplus) but use the AcroTime website to request help, it may take longer for you to get an answer, because your request will have to be re-routed to the correct support team.

    Getting the correct product make and model is one of the most important things you can do ensure your request is routed efficiently to the most appropriate support personnel.

  • Gather as much information as you can about your product. Have you registered your warranty with us? If not, knowing when and where the product was purchased might be helpful, especially if your product is newer and potentially still covered under warranty. (Remember our industry-leading two year hardware warranty!)

    It’s also handy to have the serial number available if at all possible. For mechanical and electronic clocks, the location of the serial number plate varies by model, but generally it will be located on the outside of the clock case at either the back or bottom of the case. For software products, log in to the software and select the “Help” or “About” item from the menu to find your serial number and/or install key.

  • Use the correct contact channel for your product. For most of our products (mechanical and electronic clocks, installed software, and rounds tracking products), visit our contact page. You can call us or send us an email. If you send an email, be sure to select the correct product from the drop down list on the contact form. (Note that if you decide to call and your product is out of warranty, charges may apply for telephone support.)

    If you have a subscription to our cloud-based AcroTime product, log in to your dashboard and use the “feedback” button to report an issue or ask a question. If you need help logging in, visit the AcroTime contact page and submit the email form.

Summing Up

I know it’s frustrating when you have a problem or an unanswered question about a product — especially when the problem can impact your ability to run payroll! We really do strive to take care of issues as quickly, accurately, and completely as we can.

With just a little help from you, we’ll be able to resolve your query faster and get you back to business as usual.

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