6 Essential Features to Look For in a Time Tracking System

Many organizations these days are looking to upgrade to a modern automated time tracking system to help monitor and manage employee work time. Is yours one of them? If so, wise choice! Automating your time and attendance has the potential to save your company time, money and headaches.

If you’ve ever watched one of those television programs where people go shopping for a new house, you know the prospective home-buyers always have a “wish list” of the features they must have — a large kitchen, an open floor plan, a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms, that sort of thing. Similarly, you should have a list of must-have features in mind when you go shopping for a new time and attendance solution.

Here are six features I recommend you include on that list to ensure you’ll get the most benefit from your new system:

  1. Easy to set up and configure.
    Some software requires the assistance of expensive consultants or hours of time on the phone with technical support just to get it up and running. Your solution should offer enterprise-quality features without a lot of hassle setting up. Look for a system that doesn’t require a ton of IT support to install and configure.
  2. Accommodates a modern workforce.
    Today’s workers don’t necessarily spend 40 hours a week working full-time standard hours in a centrally-located office. Employees are on the road, telecommuting, working flexible schedules or swing shifts, job sharing and so forth. You may have a seasonal workforce, a number of part-timers, and a mix of salaried and hourly workers. Your time tracking system must be able to accommodate whatever work schedules you throw at it.
  3. Highly secure.
    We’ve all heard stories lately about “data breaches” at major companies. No one wants to find themselves in the situation of having to explain a hacking incident to their employees. When you’re talking about the highly sensitive data a time tracking and payroll system could contain, the need for data security becomes even more important. You want a solution that takes data security as seriously as you do.
  4. Automatically calculates work hours and overtime.
    A system that automatically totals work hours will potentially save hours of time on payroll preparation that would otherwise be spend in manually adding up time cards or timesheets. In addition, automatic totaling will eliminate one of the largest sources of payroll errors — clerical mistakes. Increasing the accuracy and reducing the time spent on payroll preparation can save you significant amounts of money.
  5. Includes timely reports you need to manage your business effectively.
    To properly manage work schedules and minimize unnecessary overtime, you need timely reports. You shouldn’t have to wait until the end of a pay period to find out how many hours your employees have been working, or what jobs or projects they’ve been working on. Your solution should allow you to run reports with up-to-date information whenever you need them.
  6. Integrates directly with payroll (or exports easily to payroll systems).
    Another time-consuming payroll task that also leads to frequent errors is the task of data entry to the payroll program. If your time and attendance solution can directly export data to payroll — or better yet, shares a database with your payroll for truly seamless integration — you can save even more time and money on payroll preparation.

On television, those home-buyers usually spend a lot of time and energy agonizing over which house to choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that when choosing your workforce management solution. Acroprint’s AcroTime cloud-based service ticks all the boxes, offering these six essential features — and much more. AcroTime includes everything you’ll need to accurately track time and easily process payroll for your employees. To learn more, schedule a personalized demo or get started right away saving time and money with an AcroTime account, visit our website.

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