Acroprint in the Super Bowl!

OK, so we didn’t exactly play in the Super Bowl, but we were there on-screen!

During the E*trade commercial called “This is Getting Old,” at about the 13-second mark, one of our classic Model 150 time recorders makes a prominent cameo appearance:

As exciting as this is for us, it isn’t the first time one of our iconic green clocks has showed up somewhere unexpected.

In fact, we’ve got a whole section on our website devoted to sightings of our clocks. It’s called Seen the Green? Stop by the page and prepare to be amazed at all the places we’ve turned up over the years!

We’ve been in a whole bunch of commercials, movies and TV shows, print publications, even a TED Talk and the comic pages! You really never know where one of our clocks will turn up.

Have you Seen the Green somewhere we don’t have noted yet? Submit your sighting! We’d love to hear from you.

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