Discussion Time: We’re Talkin’ Clocks!

This year Acroprint is celebrating our 50th Anniversary.  As previously mentioned 50 years ago we launched our first time recorder, the Model 125.  Over the years we have expanded our product offering with different time tracking solutions.  As leaders in the time and attendance industry, we know the importance of ease and accessibility. Our top loaders are able to offer some features that our original Model 125 does not.  Let me give you the rundown on what’s so special about these robust machines.

Let’s start with our ATR120r Time Clock. This item has been in our product line for years because it gets the job done! What are some of the perks? This clock has automatic card positioning so that the punches will be aligned correctly without any work from the employee – simply drop the card the clock punches in the correct spot.  This clock features a large analog clock face and an internal audible signal – it also supports external signal devices too. Worried about someone tampering with the unit? No need! There’s a secure lock and coded password setting to prevent this.

Not to be outdone, our ATR480 totalizing time clock automatically calculates time between punches & totals time. How easy is that? It has a 50-employee capacity, so it is ideal for small to mid-size businesses. This clock includes battery back-up so one can use the clock during power outages.  If you need signals for shift changes or breaks the ATR480 can operate an external bell (or horn) to signal shift changes or breaks.

Last, but certainly not least, the ES1000 Totalizing Payroll Recorder calculates hours worked (including overtime) and produces reports. No PC required! The clock supports up to 100 employees. The ES1000 features atomic synchronization for insure time accuracy, including Daylight Saving Time adjustments.  This clock also offers an optional battery back-up (allow clock use during power outages) and external buzzer/bells (signals start/end times).

Now here is the even more exciting information – to continue celebrating our 50th Anniversary, for the month of August, you can save 15% on all top loading time clocks!  Just use the code “TOPLOAD15” at checkout.  This code also applies to the top loading clocks’ accessories too – timecards and racks. Who doesn’t love a sale? Especially when the item will save you time and money in the long run. Visit our website to shop online, or call Acroprint to place an order today!

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