Employee Scheduling – Could it be easier?

As summer moves along many employees have things going on that will cause some schedule changes. Taking time off for vacations, seasonal changes, or swapping shifts is common this time of year. Luckily many businesses are happy to accommodate their employee’s needs. While the granted flexibility is wonderful for the employee it can create a big challenge with scheduling. Scheduling is already one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks of running a business. When you factor in more flexibility the task can turn into a real headache if you do not have the right system in place.

Thankfully, Acroprint can help with this! Our web-hosted solution, AcroTime can make scheduling a breeze. The Platinum version of AcroTime, and our Scheduler add-on module include features to help you build, fill, and manage your schedules. Still not convinced you need a scheduling solution? We can give you four big reasons to make the change.

4 reasons to automate your scheduling with AcroTime

  1. No More Double Booking:

Double booking can happen in one of two ways. When employees fulfill multiple roles at the same company, they can often find themselves scheduled to cover two different tasks at the same time. Similarly, you may also end up scheduling two employees to do the same job at a time when you only need one. AcroTime keeps track of your needs and can ensures that you don’t end up with more employees than you need for one shift, which can leave you shorthanded during another.

2. Be on top of employee availability:

Your employees have lives outside of work. Depending on their needs, they might only have certain availability, and it can be tough to remember everything when making sure you have all of your company’s staffing needs met. AcroTime allows employees to set availability and preferences for the schedules. If they know they need to work shorter hours in the summer because they’re kids are home this can be established in their availability. When a schedule is generated, the system will consider the availability and preferences for all of your employees. It will also factor in upcoming vacation time and holidays too. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of scheduling and will ensure that your employees are scheduled at the right time.

3.Employees are scheduled for shifts they’re qualified to take:

If you have an employee that has never worked the cash register before, you don’t want to schedule them to be the only employee in your store. Similarly, when an employee has never closed before, you also don’t want them doing so alone for some time. Good scheduling software can not only ensure that you have enough people to cover all the shifts and positions necessary but that the people who are scheduled are qualified to do the work necessary during those shifts.

 4. Effective and Fair Shift Trading: In many situations if an employee needs a shift covered they are responsible for finding a replacement. While a well-meaning employee is simply looking for someone to take their shift, they might not know if their replacement is qualified for the job or if the additional hours will put them into overtime. There can also be unfair shift distribution when tenured employees bully newbies into taking the less desirable shifts so they end up with all the best ones. AcroTime is intuitive enough to consider these things when a shift is swapped. It looks at the employee’s skills, availability, preferences, and hours in order for the shift to be covered properly.

If you are ready to change your scheduling process then do so with AcroTime. This solution also offers top notch Time and Attendance tracking, HR management, and even Payroll. These tasks take up a lot of time, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Use these last months of summer to get your scheduling needs met. You will be ready to go- just in time for school to start up again, and even more prepared when the holidays roll in. Call us today at 919.872.5800 or email us at Sales@acrotime.com to get a demo or price quote.  

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