Give yourself some love this Valentine’s Day! Create a better work/life balance with AcroTime’s Workforce Management Solution

What does your Valentine’s Day look like this year? Do you imagine that you’ll get off work this Thursday to enjoy some extra quality time with your kids? Perhaps a romantic evening with your spouse is on your calendar? Or maybe you are ready to snuggle up with your cat for a Netflix binge? Regardless of your plans, this day is about celebrating love (and chocolate).

As you start to pack up after a long day at the office, humming your favorite love song and anticipating your assorted chocolate heart that’s waiting for you at home… you remember, payroll is due tomorrow! Looks like you’ll be working late. You have to total up time cards, enter data in multiple places, double check the totals all before you get to finalize. Definitely not the plans you were daydreaming about a few minutes ago.

This situation is never desirable, no matter what day it is. If you want to avoid letting this task get in the way with spending time with your loved-ones and/or chocolate, you should check out AcroTime to see how it can save your time, and ultimately gives you a better work/life balance. Did we mention it can save your company money, too?

Every day, your employees will most likely fill out a time sheet. In many cases, that information has to be re-entered into payroll software, and then entered again into a banking system. Every time information is entered into a new system, it eats up valuable time, not to mention creating the potential for costly errors. AcroTime can take information directly from your employee time sheets and enter it into banking systems and accounting software all at the same time. Also, keep this in mind for how much time you will save at the end of the year, when all of your information needs to be re-entered for tax preparations.

By using AcroTime’s workforce management solution for time keeping and payroll, the entire process will be streamlined. With one single sign-in, you will be saving so much time by eliminating all of that redundant work, but there is more to it than that! Generally, efficient money management is directly tied to profits – so using AcroTime could even help increase your bottom line. How? Using an automated payroll service can give you powerful insights into your business’ spending. For instance, you can ensure you are not paying overtime to some employees while other employees are getting shorted on hours. AcroTime can also provide a scheduling engine that will help you make sure that hours are being distributed evenly in order to save money. There are also a wide range of reports available which can help you analyze your data in order to plan for paying out benefits; such as vacation time and bonuses. It can even helpful for budget, savings, and investment plans.

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. As spring approaches you’ll want to spend less time working late, and more time doing things you love. Now is the perfect time to discover AcroTime and see how it can give you the work/life balance you deserve- especially with Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner!

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