Have You Seen The Green Lately?

So far 2019 is off to a great start. Time has flown and we are already heading into the second month of the year. February, here we come!

So… what is going on?

There’s a big game this weekend. The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams are facing off in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday. At Acroprint, we are still reeling from the 2018 E*Trade commercial in which our green superstar made a cameo appearance. Our Model 125 and Model 150 are the easiest to spot because of their signature green hue. We are the only time clock manufacturer to use this color. You might think this clock looks a little outdated, but our green pals have maintained their relevance in our high-tech world, thanks to their incredible ruggedness and durability. We still manufacture our Model 125/150 clocks every day in Raleigh, NC because they are still one of our top selling items.

That’s not the only TV on our mind. A new season of Pawn Stars started last week. In 2012 our timeQplus Biometric had its time in the spotlight when the guys needed a solution to their buddy punching problem. According to a 2018 episode of Pawn Stars, it sounds like the clock has done its job. We’re hopeful that we’ll catch a glimpse of our biometric friend again this season, and with Nevada ending 2018 with a “higher than average employment increase” ( up 3.9% since ’17!) a time clock story line seems more likely than ever.

Have you spotted an Acroprint time clock on your TV or in a movie lately? If so, let us know! We love to post our time clock sightings on the Seen the Green page of our website. Send us one that we’ve never seen before and we’ll reward your sharp vision and quick responses by adding your name to our “Seen the Green” Wall of Honor, with a link back to your website!

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