This Summer, Track Vacation Hours with Ease!

Summer is rapidly approaching, and we all know that that means. Vacations, people! I am sure your employees have been counting down the days until their annual summer trip, and the light is finally at the end of the tunnel. Vacation time is one of the most valued benefits, and your employees depend on you to track them properly. Imagine your dedicated employee’s disheartenment when they tie up all their loose ends and officially set their out of office message, when the unthinkable happens. Those PTO hours they were prepared to use for their vacation… they don’t actually have enough. How could this happen?  

In our business we have heard of companies who only want to use a system to track their employees’ time worked, not their time off. A hand-written note or an email request has been their rule of thumb for requesting time off. This method might work fine for some, but the chance for an error is greater than if an automated system was in place. Imagine a supervisor managing multiple projects, they do not have time to dig through their employees’ records to tally up their current vacation balance. That note requesting a day off in three months is probably not top of mind, and could get tucked away or thrown out. A lack of communication could have an employee thinking they’re in the clear, but their PTO balance says otherwise. Without any record of their request, they’re out of luck. Your workplace could have multiple approval levels required for time off requests, and it might not be uncommon to spend more time tracking someone down to make your time off request than the actual length of your upcoming trip. Your employees would appreciate your investment in a workforce management solution that will properly track and store this type of data.

Here at Acroprint we think an employee’s time off the clock is just as important as the hours they work every day. We offer automated solutions that will streamline this task, empower your employees, provide accurate data, and much more!  For instance, our AcroTime solution allows employees to request time off directly from their account, review their time off balances, and see what they have accrued. The system also provides a time off calendar for employees to see company schedules, or their co-workers’ upcoming time off that might conflict with theirs.  Managers can receive email notifications when a request comes through, make modifications to the request, and setup approval levels based on your company’s requirements.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Perhaps one you might have while relaxing on the beach during your own summer vacation?  Want to review some other reasons why you should migrate to the cloud, check this post out.  Contact us today for more information about AcroTime and we can make this dream come true.

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