Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. We’re Celebrating our 50th Anniversary This Month!

It’s officially spring!  Remember how we had some exciting things happening around here at Acroprint? Well, we are still reeling from launching our new solution, ProPunch, in February. However, now we have something else to celebrate.  April 1st,2019 is our 50th Anniversary!

That’s right, Acroprint has been providing employee time tracking solutions for 50 years.

Acroprint was founded on April 1, 1969, by Wilbur Robbins, in Raleigh, NC. Robbins was a top-performing time clock salesman at IBM and Simplex and through his experience, he saw an opportunity to offer a new clock to the time clock dealer community. Enter, Acroprint’s Model 125.

After its initial release, the company quickly added more clocks to their product line, including the Model 150. These Acroprint clocks are widely recognized for their trademark green color and are seen all over the place – movies, television shows, super-bowl commercials, print advertising and more!  We are happy to report that these clocks are still assembled at the company’s headquarters in Raleigh to this day.

Over the years, the company’s offerings have evolved with the times. In the 1980s we launched more mechanical clock options and even electrical units, and in 1990s we introduced software-based systems. In 2009, Acroprint’s 40th Anniversary, we launched our web-hosted solution, AcroTime, and right before this Golden Anniversary we launched ProPunch, our on-premise web application.

The company continues as a family-owned business in Raleigh, NC. The current company president is Glenn Robbins, son of Wilbur, and a 45-year employee of Acroprint. “It’s been a wonderful 50 years, and we’re looking forward to the next 50!”, he says.

We are so happy to be celebrating this milestone and to say thank you for helping make it happen, we are giving you a little gift. For the whole month of April we are offering a Buy one Get one 50% off promotion. Check out our website for more details.

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