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Still Using Manual Methods For Tracking Employee Hours?

Employers use a wide variety of means to track employee hours, but some methods are better than others. Cloud-based time-tracking offers the kind of flexibility the modern workforce requires. Here are four reasons to consider trading in your current time-tracking method and upgrading to cloud based employee tracking.

Employment Law Roundup

We’ve seen big developments recently in employment law in California, New York state, and Philadelphia. Even if you aren’t doing business in any of these locations, it would be a good idea to pay attention — things that go on in these large, influential jurisdictions often have a way of filtering through to other areas of the country.

Should You Get PAID?

On March 6, 2018, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new pilot program: Payroll Audit Independent Determination, or PAID. The stated purpose of the program is to expedite resolution of overtime and minimum wage violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Should you consider participating?

Intern or Employee?

Are you required to pay interns? If you choose to bring unpaid interns on board, what do you need to know to stay out of trouble withe the Department of Labor and the courts? Read this article to find out.

Acroprint in the Super Bowl!

OK, so we didn’t exactly PLAY in the Super Bowl, but our Model 150 time recorder was there on-screen! Watch our appearance and find out how you can submit your own Green Clock sighting.

Three Payroll Myths That Can Get You In Trouble

Rely on any of these three common wage and hour myths and you could find yourself – and your business – in big trouble.

What to Do About Chronically Tardy Employees

Employees generally like workplace flexibility. But what do you do when you need them to be at work on time and they’re chronically tardy? Read this article for suggestions.

The DOL Has Been Busy Lately!

Several recent developments at the Department of Labor could signal some key changes in the relationship between employers and the DOL. Read this post to find out what the changes are, and what their impact might be.

Overtime Pay Revisited

Confused about overtime regulations? (Join the club!) In this post, we’ll try to clear up some of the confusion and get to the bottom of the rules regarding overtime.

Not Tracking Everyone’s Time? Might Want to Rethink That…

Recently, the Connecticut Appellate Court was called upon to decide an “unpaid wages” case, Evans v. Tiger Claw, Inc. The ruling contains important reminders for all businesses.