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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. We’re Celebrating our 50th Anniversary This Month!

It’s officially spring!  Remember how we had some exciting things happening around here at Acroprint? Well, we are still reeling from launching our new solution, ProPunch, in February. However, now […]

An early spring? Yes, please!

The groundhog has spoken! But depending on which groundhog you listen to, it will either be an early or a late spring. Either way, Acroprint has you covered for the Daylight Saving Time change.

Have You Seen The Green Lately?

Here at Acroprint, we are still reeling from the 2018 E*Trade Super Bowl commercial in which our green time clock made a cameo appearance. Have you spotted one of our clocks on TV, in a movie or in print? Let us know about it!

Acroprint in the Super Bowl!

OK, so we didn’t exactly PLAY in the Super Bowl, but our Model 150 time recorder was there on-screen! Watch our appearance and find out how you can submit your own Green Clock sighting.

How to Get Help With Your Acroprint Product

Do you have a question about your Acroprint punch clock, or an issue with your Acroprint software? With these simple tips, you’ll learn the best ways to get faster, more accurate service and support.

We’ve Arrived!

You haven’t really made it until you’ve appeared in the funny pages. Well, at long last, Acroprint has apparently made it – yep, our Green Clocks are in the ‘funnies’! And it only took us 45 years…

Twice the Coverage!

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, and to honor the legendary durability of our clocks, we’ve doubled our warranty coverage — extending it to two years from date of purchase.

Easiest. Time tracking. Ever.

Could BioTouch be the easiest biometric time clock ever? Quite possibly, yes! Read this article to learn more about this innovative new clock.

timeQplus Now Supports ACA Reporting

We recently updated our timeQplus software to include a number of most-requested features, including support for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, multiple levels of user permissions, more flexible shift rules and more. Read the article for more details about all the new features.

More Than Just Time and Attendance

Making sure employee work time is accurately recorded so employees can be paid correctly is incredibly important, of course. But time clocks and time and attendance systems can be used for much more than simply recording employee hours.