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Supreme Court Weighs in on Donning and Doffing

There’s been a lot of controversy over the years surrounding the issue of “donning and doffing” — that is, putting on required uniforms, safety equipment and other gear at the beginning of a work shift, and taking it off again at the end of the shift. Now the U.S. Supreme Court tries to bring some clarity to the issue.

It Isn’t Just the Fines You Have to Worry About

Did you realize individual company managers could actually face criminal prosecution as the result of a Department of Labor investigation?

Are You at Risk? Individual Liability Under Wage & Hour Laws

A lot of people seem to think as long as it’s “the corporation” that errs, the individuals who make up the corporation are protected from liability. And, as many supervisors, managers, corporate officers and directors have found to their chagrin, that belief is often dead wrong.

The FLSA Applies to ALL Workers (Even Undocumented Workers)

Apparently, some employers aren’t aware the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) applies to all workers, regardless of their immigration status. The owner and manager of a Kansas City restaurant perhaps were among those who are not aware of this — or maybe they just thought they’d be able to get away with it.

Yet Another Reason To Go Biometric

Read the sad story of a company that lost over $100,000 – a loss they could have avoided with a biometric clock that would have cost only a few hundred dollars.

Don’t Try This At Home

Sometimes employers get tripped up by obscure labor laws… but sometimes they miss the obvious. Read the stories of three companies who tripped themselves up by not paying attention (and one that was very, very lucky).

Words Are Important

These two cases, once decided for the employee and one for the employer, illustrate why it’s important to be precise in your use of words when it comes to employment law.

In Chicago: Lose Your Case, Lose Your License

Ordinance 2012-5233, passed unanimously by the Chicago City Council on January 17, provides an employer found guilty of violating wage and hour laws may lose its business license. Read the article for more details on this new ordinance.

Another FLSA Class-Action Lawsuit Bites the Dust

In the case of Creely v. HCR ManorCare, Inc., employees claimed company policy denied them pay when they missed their meal breaks. What were the results of the case, and how can other companies apply the lessons learned?

California Insurance Firms Gamble and Lose

Two California insurance companies found themselves in hot water when their pay structure caused their workers’ compensation to fall below minimum wage.