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Volunteering, Part 2

It’s virtually impossible for a profit-making organization to use volunteer labor directly. For non-profits, on the other hand, the situation is a bit different. Not necessarily less complicated, but different.

Volunteering Can Be Risky (For) Business

When it comes to business expenses, what manager or owner doesn’t want to save money? There are a lot of ways to go about cutting expenses. IF you’re a for-profit company, though, asking employees to volunteer their services generally speaking isn’t one of them.

Are Your Employees Covered by the FLSA?

It’s important for most businesses to pay attention to the provisions of the FLSA, because many employees are covered by the provisions of this law. But not ALL employees…

That’s a Lotta Dough!

The US Department of Labor recently awarded $10.2 million to 19 states to aid in their fight against worker misclassification.

FLSA Protections Extended to Grandma’s Home Care Aide (Maybe)

Since 1974, home care workers have been placed in the same category as neighborhood baby-sitters, and have been considered exempt from minimum wage and overtime rules. This is set to change on January 1, 2015.

Scary Stats

OK, so it isn’t nearly Halloween, but I’ve still got some possibly scary statistics for you. But no matter how frightening they are, don’t blink! This is information you need.

Little Known Overtime Facts

What you don’t know can hurt you! How many of these overtime facts are you aware of?

Tips for Using the Tip Credit

Used properly, the tip credit can help employers in the hospitality and food service industries remain profitable while ensuring fair compensation for their employees. What do you need to know to ensure you’re eligible to take advantage of the tip credit and that you’re using it properly?

How Time Tracking Can Save Your Business

According to the Federal Judicial Center, the number of federal wage and hour lawsuits filed has increased in each of the past five years. Experts are expecting this year to set a new record. Every day you don’t track your employees’ time is a day your business is at risk.

Going Walkabout With the DOL

The DOL auditor has just asked to take a walking tour of your facilities. What are they trying to find? What can you expect? What are your rights? Read this article to find out.