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Does Your Business Suffer From “Presenteeism”?

We’re probably all aware of the problems caused by absenteeism. But did you know the opposite problem — “presenteeism” — can cause even more problems for your business?

Supervisor Training

A surprising number of small businesses don’t offer formal supervisor training on wage and hour laws. This article discusses why this kind of training is important, and why it should be repeated at least annually.

State Laws Have Teeth, Too!

For prudent business owners and managers, federal laws and agencies aren’t the only ones to pay attention to. You also need to keep up with developments in the state (or states) where you do business — and possibly even in the individual towns where you have locations. Read the article to find out more about the impact of state wage and hour laws.

An Expensive Misconception

Recently I came across the story of a grocery store in Portland, Oregon, that’s having to pay nearly $100,000 in back wages and damages to 11 workers. What got them in trouble is actually a fairly common misunderstanding. Read the article to learn what it was.

Avoiding Telecommuting Wage & Hour Pitfalls

There’s a lot to like about telecommuting. Employees who work from home are often more productive and generally report greater job satisfaction. Organizations who allow employees to telecommute can save money on office space, supplies, utility costs, employee turnover and more. But there can be issues with telecommuting, as well. Especially when the telecommuters are overtime-eligible employees.

6 Essential Features to Look For in a Time Tracking System

Automating your time and attendance has the potential to save your company time, money and headaches. Acroprint’s AcroTime cloud-based service includes everything you’ll need to accurately track time and easily process payroll for your employees.

Temps Can Cost You More Than You Think

Temps can solve a lot of business problems while still allowing for staffing flexibility that might not be possible with permanent hires. But temporary staffing isn’t all rainbows, glitter and unicorns. This article presents a couple of things to keep in mind if you want to prevent your temps from becoming your most expensive workers.

6 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty and Morale Through the New Year

A high retention rate is a good indication that employees are satisfied with their jobs and that they have a good relationship with their employer. Read this post to learn valuable strategies to help attract and retain top-performing employees.

Turns Out, Monitoring Really Does Improve Productivity

Monitoring and surveillance have been in the news a lot recently, particularly in relation to the National Security Agency’s call-tracking program. But there are many other forms of monitoring, some of which are actually good for business and productivity.

Clearing Up A Few Misconceptions

Employers sometimes harbor misconceptions about the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act — misconceptions that can cost them money. In this article, you’ll get the straight scoop about three of the most common.