Three Payroll Myths That Can Get You In Trouble

Rely on any of these three common wage and hour myths and you could find yourself – and your business – in big trouble.

What to Do About Chronically Tardy Employees

Employees generally like workplace flexibility. But what do you do when you need them to be at work on time and they’re chronically tardy? Read this article for suggestions.

The DOL Has Been Busy Lately!

Several recent developments at the Department of Labor could signal some key changes in the relationship between employers and the DOL. Read this post to find out what the changes are, and what their impact might be.

Overtime Pay Revisited

Confused about overtime regulations? (Join the club!) In this post, we’ll try to clear up some of the confusion and get to the bottom of the rules regarding overtime.

Not Tracking Everyone’s Time? Might Want to Rethink That…

Recently, the Connecticut Appellate Court was called upon to decide an “unpaid wages” case, Evans v. Tiger Claw, Inc. The ruling contains important reminders for all businesses.

Manual Payroll = Many Headaches

According to a recent survey, 56% of small business owners administer their own payroll. Are they going through gyrations to save a few pennies, while ignoring risks that could cost them thousands of dollars?

Before You Hire: Documents You Need

What one document should you have if you’re hiring an independent contractor? And what three employment-related documents are vital when you’re ready to hire regular employees? Read this article to find out!

Before You Hire: What You Need To Know

What do you need to know before you hire your business’s first employee? Could you already have employees without knowing it? Read this article to find out!

Attracting (and Keeping!) Top Talent

Retaining good employees often requires you to offer desirable perks. How can you keep your workers happy without breaking the bank?

Where We Work, When We Work

The 2015 American Time Use Survey (ATUS), conducted by the federal Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), revealed some interesting data about the work lives of American employees.